IT Staff Recruitment & Relocation

Key advantages

High-precision personnel search & selection

Maximum compliance of specialists with the requirements of the vacancy in the context of professional and personal qualities.

Professional hiring process by own experts

We have our own experts who conduct interviews, basic skills testing, online video testing, English level assessment, expert opinion.

All relocation expenses are included in the price

An employee relocation is carried out at our expense with our responsibility and experience.

Guarantee support is up to 6 months

We accomplish the employee’s replacement at our own expense in case of his voluntary termination of the employment contract.

Technology stack


Java Python PHP .Net C# VB Obj-C Swift SQL RoR Delphi JS Node.js React Angular Vue.js CSS ...


Unix Jenkins Docker Splunk SaltStack CI/CD Chef Puppet Kubernetes OpenShift Nagios RabbitMQ Cassandra ...


UI/UX Usability Web Mobile Wireframes Graphics Printing ...


PM Agile Scrum Waterfall PMBOK Planning Risk ...

Relocation features

2 months

This is the average term to start the candidate’s employment in your office

We assume the responsibility to organize relocation of the employee.

Recruitment process

Your space team

Amazing team of recruiters, sales managers, lawyers and financial managers

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